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Female Neighbor Gives Senior Woman A Lift In Car

Does your loved one walk but can’t drive? Do they walk with assistance? Do they need help getting into and singing in at the doctor’s office? AmStar has mini van services and are provided with late model vehicles, trained staff and constant dispatch monitoring. Safe, clean, heated and air conditioned units are utilized for all local and long distance services at a reasonable cost. AmStar is a medical transport service provider, a high level of professionalism is not lost in our ambulatory services. We provide the same quality door through door service as we do at higher levels of care. Our drivers will be your attendant throughout your appointment if requested. We will not leave you at the curb should you require assistance into your medical facility or other necessary appointments as Lyft, Uber, or a Taxi service would.

Our dependable transport team and vehicles are waiting for your request. Find security and support on your next trip by booking now. For more details, please call 888-481-1215 or 856-931-6310.

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