Providing reliable ambulance services at every time of the day
Male And Female Paramedics Responding To Emergency In Ambulance

For patients that are bedridden or can not be transported by wheelchair, we have you covered. Amstar utilizes fully licensed NJ and PA EMT’s who provide a safe and comfortable transition from your bed to the stretcher. Our EMT’s are fully trained as those that answer 911 calls and are capable of handling steps, obstacles in the home, uneven terrain around your home and property.

We can also accommodate heavier patients up to 600lbs with our hydraulic stretchers; measuring four inches wider than a traditional stretcher, they make our bariatric transports much more comfortable for the patient.

Our staff will provide what you need to get there safely. All of our vehicles are fully compliant and carry supplies, oxygen, and defibrillation equipment as any 911 ambulance would.

Our dependable transport team and vehicles are waiting for your request. Find security and support on your next trip by booking now. For more details, please call 888-481-1215 or 856-931-6310.

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